don't you love...a spring clean

Don't laugh, but part of my new years clean up has been reorganising my Pinterest boards.  I have been busy pinning for UrbanBaby (and I think they look great) but mine were looking a little sad and out of date.  Some boards had ideas I no longer need or am tired of, some were inspiration for our build which I want to keep but am not adding to much anymore, and ofcourse the Christmas boards can be put away for another year.  I wanted boards that suit my current goals for house, home and blog.  An inspiration spring clean was just what I needed to make me focus on the projects I want to get underway in this new year.

Storage Storage Storage -  A place for everything and everything in its place
I talked about 2013 being our year to edit, and part of editing is storage.  A place for everything and everything in its place as the old saying goes.  

Top of the list is sorting out the playroom.  I was feeling overwhelmed by the toys before Christmas, now the storage I have is quite simply bursting at the seams.  
I want the toys to be hidden from view when packed away, but easy to get at.  And I would like an open shelf where we can display pretty toys, art and books.  

Riikka Kantinkoski at Weekday Carnival has organised her playroom so well (all images above).  I have lots of these Ikea white boxes in the pantry but I never thought about them for toys.  And that amazing white cupboard - they made it out of different sized Ikea kitchen cabinets.  Super creative.

Next on the list is the garage.  We have made a start but we still need to get a lot of things off the floor.  Easier said than done, yesterday I went out there, looked around, and walked back into the house in defeat.  Not sure where to start.

Finally, the garden shed.  We need to move the potting bench and all the garden equipment out of the garage and into the shed.  But we need a strong friend to pop by and help since I am ten pound weakling.  I am looking forward to that one, its been in my head for months.

Entertaining more
So many lovely ideas on my entertaining board that I want to try.  Lots of little styling tips to make things pretty, like these gorgeous tins with individual drinks and cutlery.  If I do it once they can be reused every time we have an informal get together.  First on my list is going to be courtyard movie nights, the weather has been perfect for sitting outdoors the past few weeks.  Have popcorn, will pop, and lots of other great movie ideas here too.  
(Images from left: fridge tins from a pretty cool life, cutlery tins via Patchwork Harmony, bucket & hose from Martha Stewart

Let me know what projects you are planning, and I will give you updates on mine as they come along. Lets hope that this time next year they are not still on my list.

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  1. I love your spring cleaning ideas - didn't think of spring cleaning Pinterest boards....a great idea! J could help with that garden shed:) Some lovey ideas for the playroom.


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