don't you love...a little christmas wrapping

Its been lovely and lazy without the school run this week.  I have almost finished the Christmas shopping, we have been firing up the BBQ and enjoying the long sunny summer evenings, & Miss E and I made a start on the Christmas tree pinatas for our Christmas tree table.  I still haven't actually posted the presents to far away family and friends, oh dear they are going to be late...again.  But I have been planning how they will look.
Thought I would share some of my inspiration with you all.   I am loving plain paper with interesting ribbons or butchers twine, and vintage styled or home made decorations.  
Brown paper and butchers string: download these free vintage mountain gift tags at fellowfellow, mini pine wreath and lots of other ideas at Say Yes to Hoboken
ho ho ho....
Pompoms and wool with brown paper from Sugar and Cloth, and old paper with oyster ribbons (Pinterest - sorry can't find original source)
Vintage style brooches, white paper and pretty pastel ribbons: The Glitter Guide
Brown paper, white pen and greenery via Babble, brown paper and blue velvet via Stipje
merry Christmas to one and all...

Gorgeous vintage fabric parcels via Merriment blog
Mince pies anyone?


  1. Wow, that Xmas wrapping is stunning, nothing like my pressies - wrapped in shiny gold wrap as fast as possible:)

    1. These are my inspiration, didn't say I managed to achieve them.
      The next week will tell...

  2. Goodness, I'll need to up my game on my wrapping this year. Normally, it's a 30 second affair with sellotape everywhere and naff paper. I have to buy presents for Dani's parents this year - totally stymied.

    1. You can't go wrong with a good bottle of wine and some deli foody things. I am a huge fan of the Grown soap products too, really lovely stuff, nicely packaged and reasonably priced.

  3. They look amazing, some great ideas!

    1. Thanks Anne, lets hope they actually end up looking something like that. Hope you are all sorted for Christmas


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