the busy mum's beach bag

I need to buy a bucket and spade.  Every time we have been to the beach Little Miss J has headed for the nearest bucket and spade and monopolised it.  The little owners are not always pleased!  
While I am at it I am putting together this beach bag so we are always ready to hit the sand.  No more hunting through the house to get ready, this bag is going to be packed and ready to go in the boot, just swap out the wet towels, top up the water bottles, and add a snack of course.  
The Busy Mum's saving strategy once again - a place for everything and everything in its place. 

Clockwise from top left: 
bucket and spade from Kelly's Camping, 
- Bobble refillable self filtering water bottles.  Swallowing salt water by mistake makes us thirsty!  Officeworks stocks them in Australia.
- Canvas beach bag in lime from Target, to hold all the kit.
- Cute girls fedora from Seed
- Striped towel via the House Queen
- Banana Boat spray on water proof 30+ sunblock - spray is handy for when the kids just won't keep still.
- Roxy rashy to keep the sun off.

Always remember to Slip Slap & Slop as we say in Australia - Slip on a rashy, slap on a hat, slop on some sunblock, that sun is fierce!!!

Now what we really need is an outdoor shower at the front door so that the beach doesn't come home with us.


  1. I love those water bottles! A ready packed beach bag is a super idea:)

    1. Well you know how I love the beach. And trying to be organised. Any organisation tips to share?


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