the art of display.....plates & hats

Plates and hats and hats and plates, and plates with cups, and hats with hats, and ...
This all feels rather Dr Seuss but I love these displays.  I would love a stylist to come to my home and show me how to arrange my stuff, because I have lots of stuff and it never looks like this.

A gorgeous dark wall display via Greige.  The straw hat on the far right looks like a hat I had from Lesotho, makes me wonder where all the other were collected.
I love this hat collection from Marainne Brandi's home in St Barts.  Pretty and practical for a beach home.
And who doesn't wish their crockery looked like this every day.  I don't have enough collections to get this look!  Love how the crockery pops off the wall with this dark grey backing from This is Glamorous, and who doesn't love white on white.

Left to right: More white on white via Etxekodeco, and a sliver of Martha Stewart's Bedford kitchen coffee station.  I wonder how many dinner and tea sets Martha has!

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