breaking out the bunting

Miss E can't wait to put up the Christmas tree.  She has been begging to put it up since early November but I am sticking firm to the first weekend in December.  Finally, when we received this gorgeous Oh Joy bunting from Minted in the mail, I took pity on her and allowed her to unpack just one box.  She chose the white birds (which recently had a staring role in my Melbourne Cup fascinator) and silver bells, and we spent a happy morning stringing them in the pear trees and making a festive grotto for picnics, playing and snoozing.
Unpacking Christmas ornaments is always nostalgic.  Remembering carefully unwrapping the fragile glass balls as a child, the dusty smell of tissue paper and old shoe boxes, the delight of rediscovering forgotten favourites.  I am glad Miss E enjoys this time too, we are both looking forward to this weekend.  Fairy lights and tinsel ahoy!!!

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