When in Auckland.....Little and Fridays

This is not a blog about food so I promise you this is good.  My absolute favourite place in Auckland aside from Cornwall Park.  A coffee shop with extra specially delicious food, and a really brilliant cook book to match.  We have only been home a few days and we have already tested out the recipe for jam and cream donuts.  On balance, I would prefer to go to Little and Fridays and buy my donut with a coffee, theirs were better than ours.  But the creme diplomat that we made for the filling was divine and easy! I used the leftovers to sandwich the rainbow cake layers for Miss E's birthday cake.  It was delicious and did not make the cake soggy as I feared.  

Images: Treats from Little and Fridays, and sneak peak of the lamington recipe, New Market store via Lydia Bakes
I visited the New Market store, twice in two days, jam and cream donut both times.  Perhaps its better for my waist that I am a bit removed.  The store shares an industrial warehouse with a fabric store (good selection of fabrics too) and is simply furnished with large rustic industrial tables for shared dining.  Lots of quirky touches: a painted animal instead of a number to tag your order, eclectic vases with oversize flower arrangements on all tables, mismatch vintage cutlery and crockery, and water jugs filled with mint, cinammon, lemon pieces.  Wonderful.

Very child friendly with a box full of toys and enough space so Little Miss J was not underfoot.

The story of how they started and got their name is cute too.  
It started as a $3000 venture to make goodies for the market on a Friday.  So it was little and on Friday's, but people passing by kept stopping in and asking if they could buy too, and soon they were open all week.

Ok my mouth is watering.  I am planning to test the florentine recipe next, or perhaps the delicious chicken and leek pie made for us by Kim.  Its a rainy day in Sydney today and I wish there was a Little and Friday's close to me.  I can't think of anywhere close to me that is both stylish and child friendly, indoor play centres are not an option!

Any recommendations welcome.

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