rock your own bandanna design for the canteen cause

Today is CanTeen's Bandanna day in Australia.  This amazing organisation provides support to teens living with cancer, or with a family member who has cancer.  A long time ago a dear friend was given support by a similar organisation when her mother was ill.  Her gratitude to them has always stayed in my mind.  So I was delighted when CanTeen asked me to spread the word about the app they have just launched.  
This year, in addition to selling their own bandanna's, the Bandanna Art app for iPad and iPhones lets you design and print your very own CanTeen bandanna.  I showed the app to the discerning Miss E who can't wait to give it a go.  Choose brush, spray or pen, and use your finger to draw your design.  
The app is free, bandanna's cost $20 to print plus around $2 to ship to your door.  And there you have it, your very own piece of art immortalised as feel good fashion, now wear and enjoy.

In the gallery you will see bandanna's designed by Ken Done, JC from Powderfinger and other important but not famous people like you and me.  If you like their designs, you can order one of those too.

This blog tends to be about nice to have things, but material goods aren't really important compared to the health and well being of family and friends.  Make sure you hug those precious to you today.

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