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I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Olympics.  Old Blighty did a stand up job, what what.  I wouldn't go as far as having these pieces in my home, and I am definitely not painting the pets, but three cheers for GBR and the wonderful 2012 Olympic Games.Images via Jasmin Interiors, chair and sofa by Andrew Martin, horse painted with harmless liquid chalk, bed linen from Adairs

My personal hero from this games is the inspirational Oscar Pistorius.  Double amputee and semi-finalist in the Olympic 400m.  He had to fight for his right to compete against the full bodied competitors.  Apparently having two prosthetic limbs could be an unfair advantage, huh!!??   
Pistorius, your get gold from me.  Images via Perth Now, The Australian, only a game
I will think of your dedication, talent and determination for equality whenever my times get tough.  Every Olympics has a singular shining hero, you get my vote for 2012.

We had our own moment of reflected glory this Olympics.  The Voice of Reason's first cousin Naydene Smith represented South Africa in the rowing team, making the semi-finals.  Naydene has represented South Africa in both waterpolo and rowing. We are enormously proud of her and this achievement!  

Postscript:  After the tragic events of Valentines Day 2013 I would like to commemorate this post to Reeva Steenkamp.


  1. Great photos of the Olympics! Yes, talk about inspirational - Oscar shows us that there are no excuses! :)

    1. Good point, I will think of him while I a trying to get fit again. No excuses for the Couch to 5k challenge Eva. Would make a cool t-shirt - Oscar says No Excuses


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