Reclaimed timber.... as kitchen wall detail

I adore this space!  I covet the chandelier (Ochre), Iceland poppies are a favourite flower, reclaimed wood detail in the kitchen, light flooding in, a fire place.  Heaven.Image via Elle Decor
The Voice of Reason has been working on our own wood wall detail today.  He has already built  two gorgeous reclaimed wood screening walls in the garden (a post for another day), but today he was working on a timber detail in our wine cellar.  We created a small cellar area off our kitchen and we want it to be a gorgeous little space, a secret detail you only see from the kitchen.   VoR is using left over oak floor board to clad the far wall, the oak now runs seamlessly across the floor and up to the ceiling, very hip Melbourne restaurant.
The space is changing before my eyes from bland to gorgeous, will keep you posted!  

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  1. Ah, I should have had a look when I was with you yesterday. Ah well, another reason to visit again soon.


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