First home starter kit: kitchen gifts

My baby sister is moving into her first home.  Wish I could be there.
A selection of good things all first kitchens should have - specially for Sim.

1 - bunch of Iceland poppies by Hello Naomi, 2 - Jamie's 30 minute meals, 3 - rainbow kitchen spoons by Wind and Willow Home, rainbow mixing bowls by Joseph and Joseph from Peters of Kensington
5 - Le Creuset pot in volcanic, 6 - tea towel by todryfor

For my 18th birthday my granny gave me the start of a classic white dinnerware set.  She added to the set at every Christmas or birthday with the proviso that when I moved out, it was to be used every day.  She didn't believe in keeping things for special occasions and lived her life with all her best things in use every day.  Its a philosophy I love and try to emulate, even when life includes an active toddler.  She also gave me a Le Creuset casserole pot just like the one pictured, it still looks brand new and we use it often.  I can't imagine I will ever need to by another.
     Thank You
Tea towel by todryfor
If I were closer I would give my sister:
- a bunch of Iceland poppies (one of our granny's favourite flowers - and mine), 
- Jamie's best book yet, especially good for when you are feeling lazy,
- rainbow utensils to put a smile on your face
- the essential and timeless casserole pot, &
- silly tea towels to make cleaning up more fun..........and a big sister hug ofcourse.


  1. Did you know....After you have picked Iceland poppies, and before you put them in water you shold burn the base of the stem - apparanty this makes them last longer! My Mom swore by this.

    1. My gran taught me a different method to keep them fresh.
      Her trick was to cut the very bottom of the stems, then crush the first inch of the stem with the back of the knife, then put the tips of the stems in boiling water for a few seconds.
      I always do it that way too.

  2. Can you believe of all the Jaime oliver books that I have in my arsenal" 30 minute meals is still missing" Everytime I go looking for it, it eludes me - clearly very popular!!!!

    1. Its my favourite one, we cook from it a LOT. Order online, then you don't have to wait any more!!! My favourite is the jerk chicken sauce, mmmmmmm

  3. wow, your blog is looking superb - love the links at the bottom of each post. Lovely, fresh content too. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thankyou!! I am enjoying it so much, am thinking about the next post quite obsessively, and checking to see how many people have popped in and where they come from. Very exciting!!

  4. Would love to have those colorful bowls and Jamie's book in my kitchen! Great gift ideas! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm following your lovely blog from Alt class.:)


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