Don't you love......texture in the bedroom

This is the only time I have ever liked an Ikat print, yes I know that makes me a trend heathen but I just don't like it, except for this one time.  What I like even more is the bedside tables and lights being different, the rumpled bed, the bedside objet.  Usually I feel I need to edit my rooms, this makes me feel I need to add more.Both images via Number NineteenI have just discovered Number Nineteen and I am in love with Mia's aesthetic.  I love the contrast, the tones of light and shade, the way plants pop up everywhere.  I can see that most of the weekend is going to be spent browsing through the archives.


  1. Thanks Eva, I vascilate between loving all the 'stuff' and then other days wanting to throw it all out. But weirdly when you photograph a space the 'stuff' helps add interest and texture. I do however love a bit of pattern as you can see. Love your blog, thank you for the kind compliments. Mia

    1. What a treat to have the person who took the photo's leave a comment! I am loving your "stuff" and I am loving your blog. My house not nearly as interesting!!


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