busy mom's first aid kit

Essentials for soothing bumps and bruises - keep these handy!
Sometimes the distraction is the best part of the cure.
Cuddles and kisses to make it all better are best, but these help too.
Tiger Balm: 
For muscle aches but sometimes just looking at the tiger and playing with the tin is enough.  Works a treat with growing pains.
Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment: 
A miracle in a tube!!  Soothes and heals burns like nothing I have ever seen (its a fixture in our kitchen drawer), and is the only moisturiser that works on my dry lips.
Frozen Ice Pops
Unopened they are good for putting on bad bumps instead of ice.  Also great for getting fluid into hot little bodies when you are worried about a fever or dehydration.  These lovely organic ones are from Real Nice.
Cute bandages
Our current favourite are these Rainbow Monkeys, hard not to smile at their funny faces.
Arnica Gel: 
Reduces bruising and soothes stiff muscles.

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