Better blogging with Alt Summit

Do you wish you could make your blog better, attract more readers, or look more professional.
You are going to be so happy!  Altitude Design Summit (Alt affectionately) runs online courses that have all the information you need to know, and you can do it from the comfort of home.
Where to go: Click here or on the logo above, choose a class and sign up
Cost: Courses are US$15 each, very reasonably priced, but thanks to Bing you can get two classes this July for free!!  Thank you Bing!!

So far I have made my blog look better by learning about Illustrator, dipped my toes into the mysteries of better SEO, learned how to my increase traffic (I hope it working), and looked at working with sponsors.

The instructors are serious blogstars in their own right, you will probably know and love their blogs, but they are all down to earth and approachable.  They make me want to be part of the blogging community even more than I did before.

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