Animal decor trend sneaks into my house

So I am sure you have all been seeing the continuing animal theme trend in home decor.  
I have to admit I was dismissive, I couldn't get a lingering memory of ceramic ducks out of my mind. And then a funny thing happened, I started noticing how many animals live at my house... 
 ..... and I am not talking about the children's toys.......or the children.
And that wasn't all, when I went upstairs I noticed.....
I haven't even included the paintings (a dog, a wolf, a huge cat, a rhinoceros, two Nguni bulls, and a bear), or the whale weather vane in the garden.
Did I mention that I want a skull for my bathroom?  Hmmmm or that I made a cow skin headboard?
Can I just state in my defense that these have been collected over years and years.

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