Kitchens with basket pendants

I love both these kitchens.  We have chosen a similar colour scheme of but I have yet to get our styling looking as good.
black white kitchen basket pendant
images via Greige by Design
basket pendant kitchen
Kitchen by design duo Leibowitz & Maclachlan via Desire to Inspire
basket pendant kitchen
Koskela stocks similar pendants


  1. This post makes a good sales pitch for basket pendants- what a beautiful site you have! I'm looking forward to following your inspiring posts, tks!

  2. That first kitchen is one of my all time favourite kitchens. The dark cabinets, white floors and basket pendants are just stunning.

    I have just added you to my blog list but would like to know a little more about you so I can add a description. Do you have an 'about' section or could you email me something? xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)


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